Apollo's Three!

Three years ago today history was made.
I gave birth to a toddler!
Bragging rights are always in order for me in this department. 
My double Whopper (no single here) weighed in at 12 pounds.
I'm sure you've heard it all before, but read the previous sentence.
Yeah, braggin' rights... 8-)

So... I don't want to make anybody jealous, but this is what I looked like the day before I went into labor (taken by my momma just after I hopped out of the shower). 
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful...
What's that you say? I looked like I was having twins?
Yes, I know... braggin' rights.
Please pay no attention to the sloppily doctored photo though.
I was only wearing a tank top and it was showing m'G's. Geez!
End result: Very healthy baby boy:
The picture below was my first meeting with my sweet little guy.
It was a whole day later before I got to meet him because I was so sick from being in labor for about 18 hours and then having a c-section and then him being so big and all the drugs they pumped through me, etc...
Sarah was so excited to meet her new brother:
This is what happens when you have tons of fluids pumped through you.
I know, you're jealous again:
The nurse below requested to carry Apollo out.
She wanted that special privilege of escorting "The toddler" out to the car.
He was a big hit in the maternity ward.
Notice how they made me walk myself out.
At least they gave me a wheel chair to hold onto.
After we got home Sascha very carefully gave him a try...
Happy Birthday Apollo!
We love you so much and couldn't be more pleased with who you are and the sweet spirit you bring into our home.
Thanks for keeping us laughing and in awe at all that you do. 
Here's to many more happy and healthy birthdays!!!
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  1. I forget how BIG he was!!!!! You definitely deserve bragging rights!!!!!