Sascha's Baptism

All went well at Sascha's baptism. I was on top of everything except to make sure to get a picture of them in their white clothing (grrrrrrr! (my favorite word lately)). Here's how the programs turned out:
Everyone on the program was exactly how Sascha wanted it. He had one of his best friends give the opening prayer and I gave the closing. Steve gave the talk on baptism and his primary teacher, Roberta Ryan gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. They were great talks. His piano teacher, Cami Segeberg helped out with being the chorister and playing the musical number while Sarah and her friend Chloe sang "Baptism." Thanks again Cami!!! Sarah also played the prelude music and the opening and closing songs. Bishop Frandsen actually wasn't able to be there, so brother Anderson (2nd counselor) filled in for him. We were pleased that Chris Byron (1st counselor) and his son Jacob (another of Sascha's buddies) were able to pop in as well. They had been over in Seattle and weren't going to be able to make it.
I am so proud of Sascha and so impressed by his faith. I felt the spirit strongly as he was both baptized and confirmed. Right before he and Steve were to get into the water, Sascha got very scared. Steve asked him if he wanted to say a little prayer. He did and said he felt great afterwards. That's the comfort of the Holy Ghost. Perfect timing!
Steve and Sascha afterwards. In the background: The Segebergs, Fyffes and Byrons
Here's Sarah playing the piano:Notice all my boys have buzzes. I even gave one to Pops too.
After the baptism we had the Fyffes, Segebergs and Redd's over for a barbecue. It was fun to be with everyone. It would have been fun having the Holcombs too. I guess Disneyland was more important! (haha)
I wanted to also add that Sascha got his very own scriptures (tradition when they get baptized) and woke up early Sunday morning (around 5am) and started reading them from the beginning. He said he read the whole first chapter! Then I noticed he was reading them all through Sacrament Meeting. And then again when we got home. I think he's excited about having new scriptures, what do you think?
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