Utah Week One

We had the BEST TIME on our vacation to Utah visiting family. We were going to stay for two weeks but after being there a week, a certain brother and sis-in-law of mine twisted my arm and I gave in to staying for three. So glad we did! It allowed us more time to play and to see more family.

A certain someone was being a creeper but really bidding us adieu as we put the pedal to the metal. Onward to Boise! This was my first trip across the plains being a solo driver. No problemo.

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn which was quite lovely with a 24 hour pool and fitness center. I got my 5 mile walk in ending around 11PM. No running for this girl since I had my eyebrows tattooed recently and the artists orders were not to sweat for 1 week. Booooo! The boys swam up a storm.

The following day I wanted to show the boys a cool place along the way since it was on the way to Utah. In Twin Falls, ID you pass over the Perrine Bridge. We stopped at the visitors center to look around and then outside to see the Perrine Bridge which spans the Snake River Canyon. Apparently Evel Knievel attempted to leap across a 1 mile section of that canyon on his rocket motorcycle back in 1974. 

What I REALLY wanted to show the boys was this. Shoshone Falls which are 212 feet tall which is taller than Niagra Falls:

If you come during the right season, the falls look like this:

Later in the evening we finally arrived at Grandma's house! I love my sweet Momma. She still lives in the same house I grew up in. So many memories made there.

Lots of my nieces and nephews were waiting to be loved on.

 Silly goofballs...

The next day my brother showed us this cool shaved ice place called Snoasis. It was sooooo good! Just picture a sno cone using real snow. It was THAT finely shaved. And you could ask for ice cream as one of the layers. Super yum!


During the week in one of our swimming sessions I bribed the kids to go down the water slide at the indoor Lehi pool which they ended up LOVING. Here's their payoff:

We wanted to visit my nephew and his wife in their home up in Salt Lake City. They're both artistic and have made most of their furniture pieces, including all the cushions. I love their succulent garden.

Pretty Izzy:

Goof ball Kik:

Then we stopped by my brother's place to have a nice visit and bite to eat. They have chickens! And a rooster. And a cute garden! We loved visiting with everyone. My niece and her fiance even stopped by.

One thing these 3 did in our travels to and fro during our 3 week stay is watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules over and over and over again.

The following day my sis-in-law and niece came down and we went to my brothers house to visit for a little. My brother made waffles for us :) I wish I had taken more pics of their beautiful home. It was like a museum beautifully decorated with chandeliers in each room. They've worked hard on their home.

At the bottom of my mom's hill is an awesome park with a trail that goes around it, tennis courts, sand volleyball, playgrounds, picnic areas, huge grassy fields and a splash pad. The following week Alpine Days would host many festivities in this park. Why didn't they have this park when I was growing up?!? Several of the nights I was in town we would go down and walk around the park. So fun!

One of the bucket list items for my kids was to eat at the Pizza Pie Cafe which is basically a pizza, salad and dessert buffet. It was so nice of my sis-in-law and Mom to treat us :) Another bucket list item was to see a movie at the dollar theater which they don't have much of up where we live. So later that evening we saw The BFG. It was fun! 

I got to putter out 12 miles on the Murdock Canal Trail with these AWESOME peeps at 6AM because it gets too stinkin' hot later on! They were troopers for slowing it way down for me ;)
My bro, me, my cuzzy and m'niece.

Side note: my cuzzy is hard core and does 50 miler trail runs. He's even done a 100 miler (check out his shirt)! My bro is pretty hard core too. He came in 3rd overall for the Murdock Trail half marathon. And my niece is pretty hard core too because she hasn't been running much at all and ran 8 miles that morning, plus hiked up to Timpanogos Cave right after. I've got some pretty awesome family!!!

Later my sis and part of her fam came down from Layton for a quick visit. They brought yummy brownies! They were getting things prepared for my nephews wedding which would be the following week.

By the way, this happened a lot during our 3 week visit:

We got to have the BEST WAITRESS EVER!!! at the Texas Road House.

 We got to celebrate my niece's birthday by her sitting on their special saddle and everyone yelling a big YEE-HAW!!! Earlier that day they had a fun party at a climbing place with a picnic afterwards.

That's a wrap for WEEK 1!

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  1. So fun to see the family and all your activities. Keep up the blogging!

  2. Dallin Says:

    Fun times! We are glad you could come visit us in the desert!

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