Teenager Alert!

Still a bit behind with my blog. This was a March event.

Sarah's Birthday Celebration...

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Instead of  a cake Sarah chose blueberry muffins as her dessert. Made 'em from scratch.

Some great gifts: eyebrow tweezers, eyelash curler, green olives (her fave), gift card for kindle books, gift card for clothing, iTunes gift card, jewelry, etc... (Thank you Fyffe's, Anderson's and Holcombs!)

But even cooler was her brand new cell phone that she had no idea she was getting. Priceless! I think Apollo was just as excited as she was.
LG Cosmos...


I am so blessed to have Sarah in my life. She's always had a heart of gold and always makes me proud. Such a beautiful, talented and smart girl! Love you Sarah!!!!
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  1. Ostler Says:

    You are the cutest mom! I can't believe you have a teenager when you yourself still look like one. Hot mamma! Cute family!