Happy 13 Years Honeybob!

Honeybob and I got married thirteen years ago today. The best years of my life by far. After about two weeks of dating we got engaged (I know, fast) and then got married three months later (we knew we wanted to be married, so why wait?) Two years later we were blessed with our smart and talented beautiful daughter, Sarah who has always been such a delight to have around. Then two years after that our smart and sensitive (he would be mad if I said handsome, so I wont' say that) Sascha joined us with his "far out" sense of humor, sweet skills and an on-going loyalty to his Momma. And then seven years after that we made room for our sweet Apollo who has been a happy-go-lucky, smart and very curious little guy. Thank you Honeybob for riding along side me in this thing called life. It's been an AMAZING 13 years. Here's to another 13++++!!!

I love you! xoxoxo

While we were engaged we happened upon this song and made it ours.
*FYI~ I did not make this video.

5 Responses
  1. HoneyBob Says:


    Aw, shucks. That song still rules and still says what I would say. I got one coming back to you, but it's not ready. I was working on that yesterday, too.

    I love you.


  2. Happy Anniversary you two! Sure do love ya! Hope you had a great day!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I still remember what a beautiful bride you were! Congrats on a happy life together!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Has it really been a year since you celebrated your anniversary at Mariner's? Time definitely flies!


  5. Ostler Says:

    Wow 13 years congratulations! You have me beat by one year luckeeeee.